Did I just say that shit?
Tearin down this tough exterior
And yes, I meant it
It’s not because you remind me of love
A bond that has transcended life
I was feelin you from the moment you turned around
No matter how hard I struggle, it’s something I cain’t fight
Couldn’t deny your look, your talent, your smile, your…you
The you I seem to like
Cuz I really like you
I’m not putting you up in the stars
You’re not perfect, even the way you are
But damn I’m riding this high on you
Can’t explain that thing you do…to me

Like…a school girl pursuing her crush with love notes and cheesecake in her locker all day in a cooler on ice hoping class to class that it won’t melt cuz i have to get it to you to show you where im at, searching frantically for you rushing to your locker after the last bell before you get on the bus and there you are shit talkin with your friends and then i open the bag check the merch and give you all of me in a tin pan wrapped up neat…


They gon revoke my tough bitch membership for this
But I’m thinkin you might be worth it
Cuz I really like you…shit.