Commodification of Me

Baby I'm not your fetish

No, I won't be your first

Can't be your secret fantasy

Wasn't sent here to quench your thirst


Wanna know who started the rumor

Wanna know who started the lie

That the only worth I got

Is planted between my thighs


I'm sick, stuck

Won't let you tear down and abuse me

All that "you're my first black girl" shit

Isn't fucking amusing


Aww maybe I should be flattered

Maybe I shouldn't be offended at all

Fuck that!

Your comments are ignorant

And I'm not a fucking doll


All wrapped up in plastic


Ready to oblige your every request

Baby you gotta come better than that

Didn't you know you're tryna fuck with the best


Hold up for a second

Lemme rewind back

Who the hell even said I identify as black?


It's like everyone else gets to be who they wanna be

But I gotta wait around and let you define me?

I'm a strong, confident, independent bitch

These deep brown eyes see right through your shit


So keep fumbling over your words

Being the biggest prick you can be

But be aware I'm not at all impressed

With the commodification of me