When you kiss me it feels like the world disappears and

It’s just me and you

But maybe that’s cuz you only kiss me after everyone leaves and

It’s just us two

And every time I tell myself I’m going to stand my ground and

Push you away

You call while you’re driving and somehow, I forget all the real shit

I was going to say

Wrote a 6-page letter explaining why I have to

Let you go

But it’s hiding in my notebook hoping I never have to

Let you know

Fuck, no matter how happy you make me I’ll always just be your

Peace on the side

And why am I even happy if I’m just your best kept secret

To hide?

You said I couldn’t fall for you so I kept my feelings

Close to the vest

But my mind didn’t get the memo that my heart had already

Decided to invest

So now I’m stuck in this place where euphoria and pain intertwine

Dreading the day when the break stops and you

Leave me behind

But I entered this willingly knowing one day it would

Have to end

But now I know I can’t continue on as

Just your friend

Cuz I can still taste your lips from when we

Said goodbye

It keeps sneaking onto my tongue mixed with the

Tears that have dried

Can’t even begin to describe how

Stupid I feel

For letting any part of me think this

Could be real

They say love is a drug so maybe I’m just

Addicted to you

Except I know that happiness, that peace I felt was all the

Truest of truth

And I can’t label you an asshole or nod in agreement at

“He ain’t shit!”

Even if it would absorb some of this heartache, I don’t want to cheapen the

Time we spent

I keep trying to understand why the universe brought

Together you with me

Maybe any second I’ll wake up and all this hurt will have

Been a dream

And I know that I’d be foolish to hope the story of us has

Yet to unfold

So for now I wish you all the happiness

Your heart can hold