Fashion Dah-ling

My honesty somehow left you
Feeling "personally" attacked
When my only fault was sharing an opinion
While daring to be black

So lemme change my hat.

Let's see...
I got the fist high, pick in my fro, rooting for everyone black hat
Maybe the customer service, "I'm so sorry to hear that" hat

What about the who's fuckin with my fam, ride or die catch these hands hat
The take the drink, peel you off the floor, get you home safe and tuck you in hat

Queer and proud, rainbow glitter and house music hat
The Pride month out and proud thot it uuuup hat

The you hate the black and brown stripes but stole all your rights and lingo from my people hat
New edition - fuck Pride cuz it's been co-opted by cis gay men who aint here for the struggle hat

The will I ever find anyone who will love all of me for me hat
With the shaking my head, that's why I don't date hat

I'm lonely someone come cuddle and tell me I'm beautiful hat
Mixed with the take control fuck me til I see galaxies spinning over my head hat

The asexual "I can see how you would be seen as attractive" hat
Coupled with the sometimes I go years without thinking about sex hat

The sudden where did all these fooooiinee muthafuckas come from! hat
Mixed with the thought you was cute but your hotepery is showing hat

The is this love or just our brokeness colliding into oblivion hat
Which inevitably disintegrates into the burn some sage mixed with palo santo and heal hat

The am I black enough, queer enough, pan enough, nonbinary enough hat
And the Big Freedia, Ass Everywhere bounce it out and do me hat

The my niggas we out here happy as fuck living life yaaas hat
And the I don't give a fuck if it's 2018 Chad you still can't say that word hat

Depression tornado, where can I go and be safe in this world hat
And the self-care, quiet peaceful self-reflection walk through the park hat

The deep breathing, life's a journey but I got this hat
Oh great Becky saw me breathe and called the cops hat

The yassah boss whatever you say, smile through the pain hat
The sacrifice my dignity so I don't become a hashtag hat

The placate white tears, she thought her life was in danger hat
The how the fuck you risk MY life but now YOU cryin hat

The I can't stomach anymore videos of my people dying hat
And the reposting doesn't make you an ally hat

The my name aint Google, Siri, Alexa, Jeeves or Cortana hat

Ohhhh you wanted the do your emotional labor for you hat?

Well pick up a book and do the work cuz we discontinued that

It's fashion dah-ling