"Seens" from Afterschool

Ugh! I. Am. Having. A. Day!
Just give me a moment.
A few minutes to lay
Hold my stress ball
I need some me time on the rug
To clear my head from it all

Excuse me? Excuse me???
I'm tugging on your shirt
And your arm
And your leg
And your hair
And now I'm swinging your arm
And poking your leg
And gently rough stroking your hair
I know you're talking to someone
But I have something URGENT to share

Umm...did you knooooow!
Did you...um...
But did you KNOOOOOOW!
My brother got to pet a real fairy
And also
He used to have a dragon
And also
He can fly
And also...

- Child cries in the distance -
You took my favorite toy
That means we aren't friends anymore
I know it's a mini slinky
From the dollsr store
If I had a concept of money
I would maybe think twice
But right now all I care
Is that you're not being NICE

Can we play telephone?
Yea can we pleeeeeease!
-giggles uncontrollably for a few seconds-
The word is poop emoji!
Aww how is that bathroom humor
I didn't say cacadoodoopeepee
-shakes butt-

Why do we draw everyday?
I hate this club
Why aren't we drawing today?
We never get to have fun!
We're drawing today?
Can we just lay here on the rug?
*same kid*

Ugh ok but I only draw Lolz

You don't know Lolz!!!!

But you don't knoooooow?
Ok it's umm...a bwall...with umm...glitter...and then there's...umm...a prize inside...and a dwaaall..and you put it in the bath....and then umm...it turns cool colors...and you can pway wif it...and umm...yea

-bursts into tears-
She hit me!!!
I know you were here the whole time
But she diiiiid!
Uh huh...she did it with her mind!

Oh mommy's here!
Umm you can clean up that glitter explosion
Mixed with glue stick handprints
And spit from when I licked the table to see what it tastes like right
Ok byeeeeeee!