Te Amo

I wanna shout to the world
How much I'm in love with you
But I'm afraid telling people
Will fuck it up

But then I remember
This type love I have for you
No one in the world
Could ever touch

But they can marvel
Let it wrap them in magic
Like the beauty of the moon
When it illuminates a Harlem night

Cuz if I could take our love
Throw it high up into the air
It would eclipse the darkness
Turn it into sunshine

Like today...

Today I drank in your tears
As we clawed
Skin on skin
Getting lost within
The fullness
Of our hearts

Watched our love explode
And transform into rain
That washed over our bodies
Cleansed our souls

I can't remember
Where was my life?
Before all of this
Think I was leaping off pedastals
Trying so hard to fly

Anchored to inadequate
Coddling my loneliness
Then you danced over
And gave me wings

Words don't even exist
To match the song in my heart
If I shouted how much I love you
To the world
Where the hell would I start?

Our love is...
Deep sleep
A choreo-symphony
Of legs tangled like vines
Big spoon to little spoon
And when it's too hot
Soft caress of your hand in mine

Our love is...
Drunken nights
Sloppy attempts at sexting
Push and pull
Desperation turned to verbal stings
When we fail to communicate
The simplest of complex things

Our love is...
Trudging home alone
To lick wounds
But still messaging you goodnight
Can't sleep unless I know you made it home alright

Our love is...
Kicking you out
And you coming right back
Your face mouthing I'm sorry
While handing me a bag of our favorite snacks

Our love is...
I could never
Would never
Leave you like that

And wine...

Our love is definitely

But that good shit
Not that Taylor Port
Or that confusing label on Sweet Bitch
But I'll take that Moon X
Classy Trader Joe's cheap shit

Our love is...
A sweet, sticky mess
Like honey chocolate agave nectar
Aromas of dragons blood and sage
As we dip our fingers in the jar

And just when we think
We've licked every last drop
We find more surprises
Running down our arms

So this is me
To you, my world
How much I'm in love with you
Let it plant seeds in the soils
That soak it up

And always remember
This type love I have for you
Is more than all the grains of sand
Ever touched