The Flow

My sexuality is…


Summer rain producing earthworms

Juicy and smooth

As promising as the innocence of sunrise

And as enticing as the intense, robust sunset

I wanna wrap you in warmth

Snuggle you in my arms

Nuzzle in the curvature of your neck

I am not curiosity, nor am I shame

I am not hiding

Nah, I’m not afraid

I am the welcome mat to beauty, inviting you in

Please, there is no need to hold my hand

Your guidance is not required

And your acceptance breeds laughter

Yes, I belong here

I am the before, and the after

I am the paint on the walls

The creak in the floors

Sweet passion in your bed

The possibilities of your dreams

My eyes see through the trauma, and I know

I know what it means

I seek not the materials of flesh

Your silky smooth, your sticky wet

I seek the gold in your mind

The platinum in your soul

The fierceness in your goddess

The future untold

Please, come as your are

Raw, naked, and wild

I’ll be dancing with freedom

Charming you with my smile…