Stupid Me, Stupidly

Sitting here waiting for my phone to ring
Cuz I don’t know what else I have left
Theft of my heart in one single glimpse
Did you see the bottom of my soul?

Looking at your pictures just to see
Somewhere connection became disillusion
Confusion is the only emotion I can feel
Was this all just a game to be played?

Still touching my hand in yours in mine
Hearing the excited giggles of inner child
Wild in that appreciation of me, for me
Did you think about tomorrow?

Silence devouring every bliss filled memory
Clipped moments stuck on repeat
Defeat of a heart that rarely sees the light
Do you know how deep this cut?

Holding still on the hope of you
Wonder how long this will take to forget
Regret running a plague on overdrive
Why did your lips feign reciprocity?

In bed still waiting for my phone to sing
Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep
Stupid me, stupidly…