Fuck It...

I’m tired…

Of being pushed down
And knocked around
By the ones who are supposed to hold me down
Callin us sluts, thots, “black bitches be crazy”
Then got the nerve to wonder why I’m fucking angry
Cuz while we’re out here marching and fighting for rights
You at home postin why the only chicks you’ll date are white
Got secret Facebook groups dedicated to your “snowbunny fantasy”
While simultaneously bashing the black women on your team
Love who you love, find your happiness boo boo
But why is it based around bashing everything I do
You can cut me down, wrap my body in shame
But massah had us both locked up in those chains
Now they callin it old world history
So you took all your hatred and turned it on me
And don’t praise my natural hair equate it to beauty within
Then cut down my pressed haired sistah like I welcomed the comparison
And keep those split screens of Michelle Obama and Amber Rose
To show me respectful versus the “rest of yall hoes”
I can twerk team on Tuesday, own the swing of my hips
That dont mean Wednesday I won’t school you with this wit
And no I’m not worried cuz white and latinas gettin ass
Or cuz they do what you say without all the black girl sass
Booskie I don’t believe that dumbass myth
Cuz they too will quickly call you on your shit
But through all this disrespect let me remind you
Your mama/sista/aunty yea they’re black women too

But that’s different right…

I’m tired…

Of being criticized
Then fetishized
Seen as an animal captured from its pride
You can’t take me home and marvel at your new stock
I will not be your burnt porcelain Venus de Hottentot
Stop tryna be cute “I’ve never been with a black girl before”
Well I am black woman, which does not mean personal whore
And please don’t flirt, steal kisses, get my heart on that brink
Then end it cuz you worry what your family will think
I am who I am, I can’t change my race
So it’s hard when even brown people treat you like a disgrace
Who started the lie that we don’t love and can’t hurt
We’re crazy if we express pain after being treated like dirt
Like that dude who spent an hour spouting racist disrespect
But everyone looked at me sideways for getting upset
Look I try to let it roll off, act like I don’t care
But I will cut you if you touch my mothafuckin hair

I’m tired…

Of holding your hand
Devising a plan
For you to get ahead while I drown where I stand
Cuz no matter what I do it’s never good enough
But you wanna talk about how you got it rough
Double standards got me on the edge of insanity
But you think my self-care is being your mammy
Like we really need to address this shit
Displaying my culture is threatening but when you do it’s lit
Cornrows and du-rags can get us fired
But boxer braids and urban tie caps are fashion inspired?
Aggressive, angry, and thug are all synonymous with black
But that white girl’s famous for “cash me outside, how bout dah”


I can keep dropping these feels that dim my magic
Got me feeling like my whole existence is fucking tragic
Lemme go back to focusing on what makes me legit
Two tens in that bucket
Yo fuck it, I’m lit!